Monday, January 2, 2012

Growing Baby

The past 3 1/2 months have been full of many new experiences:  lots of food aversions (especially sausage....Ryan had to cook a lot/most of things outside for a while), a few food cravings (such as pickles wrapped in cream cheese and ham...then sliced :), barely making it out of hobby lobby to lose breakfast on the sidewalk, hearing the heartbeat, aaand feeling like an 80 year old after walking up a simple flight of stairs.  Ooops.

All in all, it has been great...I guess there is little room to complain when carrying a miracle :]  Can't wait to meet this little peanut!


  1. oooooh my. you are the cutest little mama i ever did see <3 <3

  2. I love your pictures with the chalkboard. I hadn't seen that idea when I was pregnant with James and now with Eli I am happy to even get a picture taken! You look great. I was laughing when you said you feel like an 80 year only gets worse :) So worth it though. I am excited to see you grow! :)